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Isokyrö in English

Welcome to Isokyrö – The heart of Ostrobothnia!


You are welcome to familiarize yourself with the activities of the Municipality of Isokyrö!


Isokyrö is situated on the river Kyrö half way between two provincial centres, Vaasa and Seinäjoki in the region of Ostrobothnia. Isokyrö has a diversified economic structure and is populated by about 4 700 inhabitants. The semi-rural residential environment is characterized by the location in the valley of Kyrö river and the beautiful scenery of cultural historic wide plains.

We are a steadily growing municipality with good traffic connections, the highway 18 and the Seinäjoki-Vaasa railway going right by the village. Two airports (Seinäjoki and Vaasa) are also within easy reach (only 20 minutes), as is the sea port in Vaasa. So we are within easy reach no matter which way you choose to come here.


In Isokyrö you can find fascination and interest for all your senses. Cultural and historical heritage is strong. Standard of the municipal service is very good in regard to the size. In addition to the basic services of good quality Isokyrö has among other things own high school, main health station with its bed section, indoor swimming hall and Kalliojärvi Entertainment Centre with its dance floor, cabins, extensive camper/trailer park and SF-caravan area. You can also hike in entire network of marked hike trails, complete with wayside rests and fire sites.



Isokyrö is known as the administrative center of the medieval great municipality called Pohjankyrö. The region was considered as being the model for ”Pohjola” (the North) which is mentioned in ”Kalevala” the Finnish national epic. One of the areas major sights is a massive grey stone church, which is built in 1304. Dedicated to St Laurence, this church has been the spiritual centre of the greater Pohjankyrö area. Napue was the last battlefield of the Great Northern War. Swedish-Finnish troops led by general Armfelt, bravely fought against Russian troops, twice their number. About 1500 russians and 3000 finns lost their lives. Afters this battle, the period of Great Hate started.


Sights and events

You can come here to stay and see the sights, such as the Old Church, Isokyrö church (1877), Orisberg mansion and chapel, Carolinian centre, Napue battle (1714) monument, Homestead museum and Leväluhta Sacrife Well from the Iron Age. In addition, the woods and the river offer several possibilities for recreation, and we have just completed the building of a new sports centre. The annual 1700´s Market Fair in July/early August gives you a wonderful opportunity to sense the history with great atmosphere and to meet local people. Harvest from Sickle to Threshing Machine  the Old Church surroundings host the fair where antique tractor and engine enthusiasts show how harvesting was done in the old days.



At the moment farming and forestry employ about 20 % of the work force and there are about 13.000 hectares of cultivated fields. 60 % work in services and 28 % in construction work and industry, mainly metal, plastic and carpentry. Our industrial area is fast-growing with metal sector in lead.