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Information for Immigrants


Immigration Services

Immigration Services in Isokyrö are in the city centre in the Service Centre for Entrepreneurs Formu. To be able to serve you better, please make an appointment by phone or email. Whatsapp and Teams meetings are also available.


Integration services are offered to all foreigners moving here. We provide information for immigrants on the services of the Finnish society and the rights and responsibilities of people moving to Finland.

Please be in touch if you would like any information on the Finnish society, work, training, health care or living here in general.


We also help employers who have foreign workforce and companies planning to recruit from abroad. In addition, our information and guidance services are for everyone who deals with immigrants through their work.




Pirneskoski Mirva


Pirneskoski Mirva

maahanmuuttokoordinaattori / Immigration Coordinator
050 569 8914
Keskuspuistikko 14, 61300 Kurikka






Everyday life




Isonkyrön Asuntovuokraus Oy


Contact information:

Minna Niemi, Managing director
(06) 470 1201, mobile 050 548 6478


Rental appartments


Apparments for sale




Before you can access the public health care as a resident and if you are an EU citizen, you can use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which covers acute healthcare under the same conditions and at the same cost as for Finns. You need to apply for this card in your own country before you leave.

After you have a municipality of residence (kotikunta) in Finland, you are entitled to use public health care services.


Seinäjoen sote-keskus, Isonkyrön toimipiste

Address: Härkäkiventie 36 


More information about healthcare and social services:







Kyrööntie 15
61500  ISOKYRÖ
puh. 050 364 0788
email : kirjasto(at)


More information


Library on Facebook

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Sports and exercise


Walking trails


Cykling routes


Pärske swimming hall

Address: Knaapilantie 8, 61500 Isokyrö

Phone: 0503142353
Email: uimahalli.parske(at)



The local sports clubs offer a variety of hobbies:

FBC Remix/Floorball

Kyrön voima/Skiing, wrestling, athletics, football, Finnish baseball, gymnastics, volleyball

Isonkyrön Voimistelijat/gymnastics for children and adults

Isonkyrön metsästys- ja ampumaseura IMAS/shooting



Kyrönmaan Power Club





Ylipää frisbeegolf track

Addess: Valtaalantie 403, 61500 Isokyrö


You can borrow disks from the local library or by or rent them from Grill-coffeehouse Karoliini nearby the track (Valtaalantie 410 61500 Isokyrö)


More information 



Mäkelä horseriding stall



For events, please have a look at the local regional events calendar.




Local grocery shop


S-market Isokyrö

Marttilantie 1

61500 Isokyrö


General store


Tolkin kauppahalli

Tolkintie 17

61500 Isokyrö


Hardware store


RATI R. Buckman

Pohjankyröntie 143

61500 Isokyrö





Taitokeskus Villavintti

Pohjankyröntie 136 (town hall)
61500 Isokyrö




Second hand markets



Pohjankyröntie 133

61500 Isokyrö


Susan kirppis

Loukontie 1

66440 Tervajoki




Day care


In accordance with Finnish law, all children aged between 0 to 6 years of age living in Finland are entitled to municipal day care. It is the way to ensure that both parents can work or study. A breakfast, snacks and a warm meal are provided at day care centres so no need to pack lunch.

As there are several childcare centres in the area, the best way to find yours, is to contact:


Sinikka Tapio, Early Childhood Education Manager (Varhaiskasvatusjohtaja)

phone: (06) 470 1223, mobile 050 439 4033




If you are moving to Finland with school-aged (7-16) children, education is compulsory for them. From 1 August 2021 education will be compulsory for 7–18-year-olds. This change will include trade schools and upper secondary school.


You enrol your child to school by contacting the leading rector:

Susanna Pietikäinen
mobile phone: 0500 560363

email: susanna.pietikainen(at)


School meals and materials are provided free of charge in basic education and there are no term fees. Compulsory education also applies to foreign children permanently residing in Finland. Municipalities and local authorities are obliged to ensure that all children can attend school.


Social networking


MLL Isonkyrön paikallisyhdistys offers a possibility to meet other parents and their kids who still are at home (under shcool-age). The family cafe meets every Tuesday 09.30 am  - 12.00 pm in the center of Isokyrö (downstairs of the town hall, address: Pohjankyröntie 136). The cafe offers tea and coffee and cookies for free. Joining the cafe is also free of charge.